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After attending the first two years of film school in New York City, T. Lee Beideck (aka Tim) decided to re-route his tuition money into his first highly acclaimed dramatic short, THE JUKEBOX HEROES. He’s since gone on to write, direct, and produce two features. His debut, DRIVERS WANTED, a comedy about pizza delivery drivers, received national distribution through Regal Theaters, a large cult following, and praise from legendary director John Landis (Animal House) and Tony Hawk (skateboarding legend/youth icon). His latest, SOPHOMORE, is a heartwarming and bold comedy about the adventurous lives of an eclectic group of high school sophomores. It stars PATRICK WARBURTON (Seinfeld, Family Guy, Ted) and AMANDA PLUMMER (Pulp Fiction, Hunger Games: Catching Fire), and is available everywhere. With several feature and television projects in development, Beideck also writes, guitars, and sings for the band BURNING SNELLA, has directed national spots for OLYMPUS CAMERAS and PANERA BREAD, and has been featured in Filmmaker and MovieMaker Magazines, Indiewire, NPR, The Food Network, and MTV.



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